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Participate in the NAVES Competition and transform your business idea into a sustainable project

IAE Business School offers the NAVES Competition, which is a competition of business projects that accompanies entrepreneurs in transforming their business ideas into sustainable businesses. Participants are involves in a cycle with professors of IAE Business School. They develop social capital with access to the “IAE Support Network”, which will be key in taking the first steps.

The NAVES Competition includes academic formation in terms of entrepreneurship, access to tutors, mentors and consultants for the resolution of practical issues. Participants also make connections with investors, incubators and other successful entrepreneurs. This combination provides the necessary resources for success in any entrepreneurship.

It is a transforming experience that submerges participants in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in IAE

During complementary seminars and workshop, entrepreneus gain the necessary knowledge to develop their business plans and generate sustainable projects, gaining access to the best professors and professionals in IAE Business School and the network in IAE’s Entrepreneurship Center.

The objetive of the competition is to contribute to the creation of more and better companies to promote development in Argentina and the región. All kinds of companies have participated -enterprises, social enterprises, scientific and technological- providing us the experience of having developed entrepreneurs for more than 25 years.

The final result is the ability to create and revise systematically, based on the Business Plan model, a sustainable business model for a new project. Combined with connections and experiences other key entrepreneurs, success is assured for every entrepreneur.


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More info:

Pilar Campus:

  • Campus: Mariano Acosta s/n y Ruta Nacional 8 (B1629WWA) Pilar.
  • Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • Tel. +54 (230) 448.1000 - Fax +54 (230) 448.1050

Rosario Campus:

  • Campus: Paraguay 1950. 2000
  • Rosario. Argentina.
  • Tel. +54 (341) 522.3000

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