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New veterinary certificate format for exporting agricultural products to Taiwan

Recently, the Taiwanese government implemented a series of modifications to the required formats of veterinary certifications for imports of aquaculture products to their market. The Center for Export and Investment of Nicaragua offers detailed information about these changes.

The Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine of Animals and Plants (BAPHIQ) of China Taiwan, recently reported that this change covers various aquaculture species such as live fish and gametes, fertilized eggs, anquillas "glass", crustaceans and muscles that are used for aquaculture purposes.

The new version of the format went into effect the first of September this year. Therefore, institutions promoting exports to that country have been stated that the documents should be completed preferably in English or in (Spanish / English bilingual format).

  • You can learn more about animal import regulations of China to Taiwan by clicking the following link.

On the other hand, it is important to note that Nicaragua and Taiwan signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which establishes a tariff reduction for 85% of export production to Nicaragua that Asian island nation.

  • Also in the CEI website you can find information on foreign trade and learn more about our services.


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