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Main incentives to invest in Portugal

For quite some time now, Portugal has recognized that entrepreneurship deserves to be promoted and supported for the sake of national economic revitalization, particularly in terms of promoting innovation and regional development.

1. Financial Incentives for Investment

Financial incentives for business investment are public-support mechanisms in the form of grants or repayable subsidies.

For more information on financial incentives for investment in Portugal, click here.

2. Tax Incentives for Investment

In addition to financial incentives, certain tax incentives may also be granted to companies that invest in Portugal. These incentives typically involve lower taxes or tax exemptions.

For more information on tax incentives, click here.

3. Incentives for Job Creation, Training and Skills

Along with the financial and tax incentives for investment, companies that invest in Portugal may benefit from financial and tax incentives for job creation, training and skills.

For more information on Job Creation, Training and Skills Incentives in Portugal, click here.

4. Venture Capital

The venture capital market is duly established in Portugal and is capable of financing companies that bet on emerging sectors; that have a high level of development risk; or that do not have direct access to capital markets

For more information on Venture Capital in Portugal, click here.

5. Mutual Guarantee

The National Mutual Guarantee System (SNGM) is a private mutual system to support SMEs by providing financial guarantees in order to facilitate access to credit and state financial support.

For more information on Mutual Guarantee in Portugal, click here.


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