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Learn about the programs for young professionals at IAE Business School

The Austral University’s Business School, IAE Business School, offers programs for Young entrepreneurs.

The Young Professionals of Great Potential program is designed for professionals that have recently begun their careers and need to gain a more ample perspective on the business world, that will allow them to apply new criteria to resolve more complex problems.

This program focuses on the interdisciplinary aspect of business and exposes participants to topics that exceed their areas of expertise, widening their strategic vision for business.

What the program would provide:

  1. Ability to view the Company as a director.
  2. Perspective on the activities of the company.
  3. Integrated vision of the strategies of organization.
  4. Ability to efficiently make decisions.
  5. Tools to improve communication between different areas of the company.

They also offer the LEAD program, which is a challenging, unique and innovating program that will help you improve the way you make decisions, taking into consideration the challenges that you will face in the near future in positions of leadership. LEAD is aimed at young professionals of up to 33 years of age, students or graduates of all careers and that have work experience.


Argentina Argentina

More info:

Pilar Campus:

  • Campus: Mariano Acosta s/n y Ruta Nacional 8 (B1629WWA) Pilar.
  • Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • Tel. +54 (230) 448.1000 - Fax +54 (230) 448.1050

Rosario Campus:

  • Campus: Paraguay 1950. 2000
  • Rosario. Argentina.
  • Tel. +54 (341) 522.3000

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