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Institutional Development, Consulting and Capacity Building for Business Services Organizations (BSOs)

The CBI offers BSOs consultancy and capacity building in the following areas:

  • BSO Diagnosis and Intervention Design. Analysis and advice on the options for increasing the impact and added value of a BSO in the export value system for sustainable strengthening of SME exporters and producers in selected sectors with a primary focus on the European market.
  • BSOD Export Intelligence. The BSO develops an improved sustainable capacity on export intelligence about the European markets 
  • BSOD Export Development and Export Promotion. The BSO improves its capacity to provide services to SMEs in the areas of export development and export promotion on a sustainable basis. 
  • Strategic Conference. The strategic conference or roundtable aims to identify and discuss (sector specific) challenges at country or regional level and by the relevant stakeholders in international trade to achieve better coordination and cooperation in the value chain.

A BSOD Module helps to improve or develop EU-specific services needed by the clients of BSO’s, re-engineer related work processes and service delivery modes, improve service delivery by enhancing staff competencies, benefit from strategic cooperation with business service providers as well as other relevant stakeholders, play a proactive role in the export value chains within which the BSO operates. The CBI’s tailored modules will equip BSO’s with the knowledge and skills required to increase the number and quality of their services, thus raising client satisfaction levels among (prospective) exporters.

Eligible Sectors:

Coffee, Tea and Cocoa, Cut flowers, Fish and seafood, Fresh fruit and vegetables, Natural colours, flavours and thickeners, Natural ingredients for cosmetics, Natural ingredients for pharmaceuticals, Processed fruit and vegetables, Spices and herbs, timber, Vegetable oils & fats, oilseeds, Wine, Apparel, Home decoration, Home textiles, Automotive parts and components, Electronics and electrical engineering, Metal parts and components, Motion control, Pipes and process equipment, BPO, ITO, Tourism.

Minimum requisites for eligible companies: 

The CBI's BSOD Programmes are targeted at Business Support Organisations in CBI target countries that have the capacity (or potential) to guide individual companies towards a successful export position on the EU & EFTA markets. In order to qualify for the BSO Development Programme, your BSO must meet the following criteria: 

  • Addressing the needs of the private sector
  • Active involvement (or willingness to become actively involved) in sectors with European export potential
  • Suitably positioned to improve and expand BSO service delivery in sectors with European export potential
  • Ability and willingness to develop products and services for exporters targeting European markets
  • Sufficient demand for EU export-related services among exporters in your home country
  • A sound financial position and the ability to cover the costs involved in the development of an improved service portfolio geared to increasing exports to Europe
  • Professional organisation and management
  • Result-oriented management
  • Ability to communicate in the English language

The following criteria only apply to Business Membership Organisations:

  • Ability and willingness to lobby and advocate on behalf of the private sector
  • A strong membership base

Registration/Participation Method:

If you feel that your organisation is in need of BSOD assistance, and if your BSO provides solution to the removal of export barriers for SME’s, you can send your request for assistance by email to the CBI Account Manager responsible for your country. Following your request, you will be contacted by the Account Manager. The management of your BSO will be requested to fill in a BSO self-assessment form and to send supporting documentation to the CBI. On the basis of this self-assessment, the CBI will consider your request for BSOD assistance.

For further information, check out this success story that shows how CBI improved the service quality of Proexport (PXP), a BSO based in Colombia.

To apply, click here.


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For more information:

  • CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries)
  • Address: Prinses Beatrixlaan 2. 2595 AL The Hague. The Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 (0)88 60 24300
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