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How to Improve an SME's Export Position with Export Coaching (ECP)

The objective of the Export Coaching Programme (ECP) modules is to support SMEs in developing countries to acquire the necessary competencies to establish a sustainable and improved export position on international (primarily European) markets. An ECP is tailor-made and consists of several modules, the composition of which depends on the needs of the participating company.

The ECP focuses on the improvement of the internal organisation of the enterprise in order to meet the requirements imposed by the European Market. The coaching within the programme is done by independent experts whose extensive knowledge and networks throughout the EU guarantee high quality, specialised and up-to-date content. Selected participants will receive individual support by means of on-site consultancy, training schemes, market information, trade fair participation and business to business activities. Depending on its specific needs, the company also receives support in the field of business development, certification and product and production improvement. A company that participates in an ECP shares a common goal with CBI: to allow the company to export to (more) European markets. Over the course of several years, CBI will support a company by:

  • Assisting them in meeting (EU) market requirements
  • Providing skills and knowledge on the European market
  • Providing opportunities to enter the European market

Eligible Sectors:

Coffee, Tea and Cocoa, Cut flowers, Fish and seafood, Fresh fruit and vegetables, Natural colours, flavours and thickeners, Natural ingredients for cosmetics, Natural ingredients for pharmaceuticals, Processed fruit and vegetables, Spices and herbs, timber, Vegetable oils & fats, oilseeds, Wine, Apparel, Home decoration, Home textiles, Automotive parts and components, Electronics and electrical engineering, Metal parts and components, Motion control, Pipes and process equipment, BPO, ITO, Tourism.

Minimum requisites for eligible companies:

The ECPs are targeted at companies in developing countries that have the capacity (or potential) to export with a focus on the EU. A company that complies with the following criteria can apply for an ECP (please note: some ECPs may be subject to additional criteria):

  • At least 51% locally owned, or (co-)owners who reside in another developing country (excluding developing countries characterised as UMIC or higher*)
  • 25 to 500 employees
  • No joint ventures with any companies based in any country with a classification of UMIC or higher
  • Compliance or the willingness to comply with EU market requirements
  • No licensing commitments that prohibit or limit opportunities for export of products to the EU
  • Competitive prices and sufficient production capacity
  • Management which is able to communicate in English
  • The willingness and capacity to invest in adaptations such as product range and production processes, if and as required by the European market
  • There is a degree of flexibility using the criteria. This means that a company might still qualify when it has, for example, less than 25 employees but still sufficient capacity to export. Please, check the page of the specific program for more information about this.

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More info:

For more information, please contact:

  • CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries)
  • Address: Prinses Beatrixlaan 2. 2595 AL The Hague. The Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 (0)88 60 24300
  • Email:

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