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You are being redirected to the platform Enko where you can access 100% free resources to boost your business. This is a collaboration between Visa and Connectamericas for Women.

Growing your business with the Virtual Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you interested in expanding your business?

You have a stable company and already have sales, but it's time to grow and you don't know exactly where to start?

MasterCard and INCAE Business School, in collaboration with Women ConnectAmericas, come together in the #100KChallenge initiative to guide you through this process

In this free course, we will help you develop a growth strategy for your company and identify areas of your organization that need changes before starting this process.

Moreover, you will learn about marketing and sales strategies, team management, finance, operations, corporate governance, and existing alternatives to finance your business growth.

It is very important to point out that, the strategies that we will see in this course, although they may be useful for companies in the initial stages, they were designed to help companies that have a sustainable business andfinancial model, with product/service well defined, to meet a market need. The company also should have a defined target market and a team that supports its growth.

*You must complete all tests with a score equal to or greater than 80% to gain your certificate of participation.

Women ConnectAmericas is an online business platform that seeks to connect women entrepreneurs with business opportunities and provide them training tools to improve the management of their companies. To date, we have over 60,000 entrepreneurs from across the region. If you want to know more about the #100KChallenge and its partners, visit our page.


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