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In order to accomplish its mission of supporting the internationalization of the Portuguese Economy, AICEP Portugal Global has an extensive network of more than 200 professionals around the World.

The main activities developed by AICEP´s international network are:

  • Market Research and identification of business opportunities for Portuguese companies
  • Development of specific promotional activities of Portugal and/or Portuguese products and services in the foreign markets
  • Identification of local business partners for Portuguese companies
  • Assisting Portuguese companies to implement their business plans in the foreign markets
  • Advising local companies interested in investing in Portugal
  • Counseling Portuguese companies interested in investing in the foreign market
  • Act as representative on behalf of Portuguese companies when negotiating with local authorities re: business development projects in the local market, and conduct follow up to these services
  • Supplying local importers with information regarding Portuguese companies, its  goods and services


Portugal Portugal

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 To find an office of the AICEP Network near you, click here.

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