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Export managing training introduction

Market information, European buying strategies, export networks and opportunities. Exporters expect a wide range of knowledge from their BSO’s. But how do they keep their knowledge current and organise their own business to maximise export business success? They need a plan!

At the five-day CBI 'Export Marketing - Introduction' training course BSO’s can develop and implement that plan, while upgrading their knowledge. Through lectures, group and individual assignments, and field trips, BSO’s from around the world will increase their knowledge on market information, European buying strategies and export networks and opportunities. They will each develop a practical Sector Export Marketing Plan to help them provide top support to their exporters. The success of their exporters depends on the skills of the BSO’s, their knowledge and support throughout the process. After completing this training, the BSO’s will confidently answer their questions. They will have strong, practical skills that will increase the level of service from the BSO.

They will understand:

  • the trade structures in the European Union;
  • various marketing and trade promotion techniques;
  • how to carry out research on the European market;
  • how to design and implement an export marketing plan;
  • how to match their exporters’ needs and products with EU market requirements and
  • how to use the extensive CBI database.

 Cost of participation:

  • Participation fee of €250,- (which will be deducted from ticket contribution)
  • Flight ticket to The Netherlands 
  • Personal expenses
  • CBI will cover the costs of the hotel and provides a fixed contribution to the flight ticket

Eligible Sectors:

Coffee, Tea and Cocoa, Cut flowers, Fish and seafood, Fresh fruit and vegetables, Natural colours, flavours and thickeners, Natural ingredients for cosmetics, Natural ingredients for pharmaceuticals, Processed fruit and vegetables, Spices and herbs, timber, Vegetable oils & fats, oilseeds, Wine, Apparel, Home decoration, Home textiles, Automotive parts and components, Electronics and electrical engineering, Metal parts and components, Motion control, Pipes and process equipment, BPO, ITO, Tourism.

Minimum requisites for eligible companies:

You work for a Business Support Organisation (BSO) that is based in one of the CBI target countries. This BSO is actively involved in export promotion to the EU. This training course is aimed at BSO project or middle manager with 3 – 10 years of relevant experience. All participants must have an excellent command of the English language.

This success story of IBCE, based in Bolivia, is a good example of how CBI can help BSO’s improve their services.


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More info:

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call +31 (0)88 60 24300, or


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