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Export & import procedures in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan Export Center (CETREX) is a public entity that provides services to exporters. The agency offers a web portal with all the information related to the formalities and requirements to export from Nicaragua.

The webpage Tramites Nicaragua links exporters to various governmental entities for information regarding the formalities required to import and export from Nicaragua.


Registration and updating of exporter information: Any natural or legal person must be registered as an exporter In order to send any good another part of the world with commercial purposes.They must also update their general data _ and signature once a year.

Working under agreement: The Integrated System of Export Procedures (SITRADE) provides the users with the necessary documents to export. Note that the first exports are made in person. 

To work under the agreement, interested parties that export regularly or by geographical location are not close to any branch of the institution are prioritized. The CETREX delegates a person for technical assistance for businesses under this type of work. 

Payment: Discover resources provided by the CETREX for payment of services provided to the sector exporters. 

  • Bank Deposit 
  • Bank Transfer


Agricultural inputs are used in agricultural work. For proper use and handling is necessary to obtain special licenses.

Registration and control of agricultural inputs: Agricultural inputs are those that are used in agricultural work. For proper use and handling is necessary to obtain special licenses.

  • Registration ruler of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Registration pesticide commercial establishment
  • Registration of importers and distributors of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Registration foreign manufacturer
  • Registration Renewal formulated synthetic pesticides for agricultural use

Efficiency testing

  • New molecule, formulated alone or mixed product and at higher concentrations
  • Expansion of Use


Nicaragua Nicaragua

More info:

Para mayor información, visite la página web de Tramites Nicaragua.

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