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EU duty relief and suspensions

Customs tariff duties are applicable to most products imported into the EU. In some special cases, these duties may be relieved or suspended. The European Commission's Export Helpdesk provides a resources in order to identify which specific goods benefit from these exceptions.

Relief of duties

Common customs tariff duties are applicable to all goods imported into the EU. However, there are circumstances where such taxation is not justified.


Customs duties can be temporarily suspended (totally or partially) for certain goods. This doesn't affect any anti-dumping duties also in place. Goods imported under suspension arrangements are in free circulation on the EU market, just like all other legally important goods.

Suspensions are normally granted for raw materials, semi-finished goods or components not available within the EU. They are never granted for finished products.

More info:

Commission Communication on autonomous tariff suspensions and quotas

Check the requirements applying to your product at My export

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