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EU binding tariff information

The EU's Binding Tariff Information (BTI) system can help you identify the right tariff classification for the goods you intend to export. Check the requirements applying to your product at the European Commission’s Export Helpdesk.

To obtain Binding Tariff Information, you must apply to the customs authorities of the EU country you wish to export to, using the BTI application form. The BTI is valid throughout the EU, regardless of which EU country issued it. Check out the list of customs authorities.

Before completing the BTI application form, you should read the general information notice.

General Guidelines:

  • Having a BTI gives you legal certainty about the tariff classification of the product you wish to export. This is the basis for determining customs duties and whether or not you need an import certificate.
  • A BTI is generally valid for 6 years, although under certain circumstances it may cease to be valid (if the classification rules change, for example). If this happens, you can ask the customs authorities to allow you to continue using your BTI for a 'grace period', provided you meet the legal requirements (the authorities will tell you what these are).

More info:

Check the requirements applying to your product at My export.

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