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Discover the advantages of investing in Guatemala's food industry

The Food industry offers excellent opportunities for investment, and it is one of the strongest in Guatemala.

The logistics and support for the supply chain in Guatemala  are strong. This reality surpasses investors’ expectations. Proven success stories include Ambev, Bimbo, and Lala. The food sector in Guatemala generates direct employment for more than 75,000 people and 353,000 indirect jobs.

Some advantages in Guatemala are the abundance of micro climates, fertile land, and labor at competitive costs. The agricultural industry represents 14% of GDP and the production of food, drinks, and tobacco represent 11.3%, reaching up to US$443 million in exports to USA, Central America, and Mexico.

Why should you consider investing in the food sector in Guatemala?

  • Guatemala has approximately 11 million hectares of fertile soil and only 12% is cultivated. There are 360 micro climates which are beneficial to almost every type of crop.
  • Closeness to North America and fast access to its markets: USA and Canada with more than 325 million inhabitants, Mexico with 100 million inhabitants
  • Abundant labor at competitive costs
  • Cargo ports on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans
  • The sugar industry is acknowledged as number 1 in efficiency and productivity in the world due to the technology used by the sugar mills
  • Raw materials availability: due to the diversity of agricultural products grown in Guatemala, its processing is made easy and the costs are brought down.
  • Guatemala has high yields in crops like cacao, sugar cane, coconuts, strawberries, apples, and black pepper 

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