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Create a company online in Portugal

In Portugal, you can create a company online. This governmental website also allows investors to run certain errands, such as registering a trademark, and obtaining certain certificates, online.

The legal regime of Online Company allows the constitution, by electronic means, of limited companies, sole traders and companies limited by shares. It also allows the creation of the company's application for approval of the firm and for the firm to be approved automatically.

Those companies whose capital is held by means of contributions in kind cannot be created online. In those cases, for the transfer of assets to the partners to enter into society, a more solemn procedure is required.

The services provided by the website include:

  • Mark on time online. From now on, you can go online to obtain a mark previously registered. The acquisition can be performed independently, regardless of incorporation of a company, or simultaneously through the establishment of Enterprise Online (EOL) service.
  • Name request. Search among registered names and choose the one your company will use.
  • Online registration. Investors can promote, through the Internet, applications for registration or identification of entities not subject to commercial registration in the Central Register of People Collective.
  • Permanent certificate. Whenever you need a certificate of incorporation just deliver the access code to the permanent certificate to any public or private entity. With these codes you can refer to online records of the entity, the associated electronic documents and the last memorandum/updated statutes.
  • Certificate of accountability.This service allows a single act in compliance with legal obligations to four companies: the delivery of the annual statement of accounts and tax information, the record of accountability, the provision of statistical information to the NSA and reporting on data annual accounting for statistical purposes the Bank of Portugal.
  • Online Records. This set of services can now be effected from a single point of contact, online, and without the need to travel to the Commercial Registry, or to request for a transcript of records of a company.
  • Items for online filing. With this set of services, it is possible to apply in dematerialized form and in one place, to obtain the records of many companies without any kind of interaction with public bodies.
  • Business Card. This service allows you to apply online for a Company Card or Card Collective Person. These multiple identification documents contain the identification number of the legal person (NIPC) that generally corresponds to the tax identification number (TIN) and the identification number of Social Security (NISS).


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For more information on the Online Company Service, click here.

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