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Costa Rica: a top medical tourism destination and global healthcare partner

One of the oldest democracy in Latin America, this small but united country has invested heavily into its social welfare and education resulting in levels of development that are among the highest in the world including a life expectancy of almost 79 and a nearly a 98% literacy rate. To learn more about what makes Costa Rica an ideal medical tourism destination, click here.

Costa Rica is an ideal medical tourism destination:

  • Explore Costa Rica: Discover Costa Rica as a tourist as well as for your healthcare needs. Costa Rica offers so much that you are bound to find something just for you! Explore Costa Rica and find your happiness.
  • What Is Medical Tourism?: Medical Tourism is broadly defined as traveling away from your home town (to another state or country) to receive medical attention. Historically, the case has been that patients from less-developed countries have traveled to more developed countries for medical procedures that were unavailable in their own country. Nowadays, the roles have reversed somewhat and this trend is growing every year.
  • Why Medical Tourism in Costa Rica?: While there are many reasons why Costa Rica has become a global leader in medical tourism. The “big three” are Quality, Convenience and especially Savings. Click here to find out more about how Costa Rica “big three” attributes.

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