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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belize helps you do business

Every expert agrees that, before taking your company’s business to another country, it is important that you carry out a thorough market research, and that you analyze every economic indicator that could be relevant for your company.

Now, if the country you are planning to take your business to is Belize, then a great part of that work is already done.

This is because the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry publishes in its website a series of resources and knowledge that will allow you to find out about the situation of every business sector in the country’s industry, about tax regulations and even about statistics from the country’s economy. Further, the website provides press releases, access to the most important newsletters and different reports of national, regional and even international affairs.

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Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Belize Belize

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Tel: +501-223-5330 / 5331

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