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Certificación de Origen - Chile

Chile has 33 Trade Agreements in force with 65 economies, corresponding to 88% of the world's GDP and access to 65% of the global population (+5 billion people).

The objective of these agreements is to offer facilities to the national export sector to place their products with tariff benefits in foreign markets. In order to obtain these benefits, the exporter must comply with the rules of origin established in each agreement in force, proving that the products being offered originate from the exporting country; this is achieved through the certification of origin.

The certification of origin is the process through which an exporter, producer or importer (depending on the Trade Agreement), certifies compliance with the origin requirement established in the Trade Agreements, allowing the importer of the partner country to benefit from the tariff preference agreed in the corresponding trade agreement. For this purpose, the exporter, producer or importer must complete and sign a certificate of origin.

In general terms, the following must be considered when completing the Certificate of Origin:

Trade agreements share a number of provisions with other agreements, but they all have their own origin regime. Therefore, it is necessary to know the particular procedures for each preferential export process.

You should also review the tariff nomenclatures and their association with the rules of origin for each trade agreement.

There are several certification systems and each of them has a specific Certificate. Any error in filling out these forms will result in the rejection of the Certificate of Origin application.

Click here to visit ProChile's website where you will find all the information for the certification of origin of Chilean companies.


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