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BPO sector in Guatemala

Thanks to the BPO sector in Guatemala, the cutting edge technology processes have settled as in any developed country and it has also allowed a great number of talented people with excellent standards in  customer service to develop in an accelerated way.

This sector offers a wide range of services that go from customer service and telemarketing to more specific outsourcing services such as collections, subscriptions, help desk, database maintenance, data feeding, and outsourcing of financial and administrative services.

Why invest in this sector?

  • Strategic geographical location close to the US and other great markets, transforming Guatemala as an excellent nearshore destination with a time zone similar to North America’s which allows the performance of complex tasks and the pursuance of customized initiatives. 
  • Cultural affinity with North America.
  • Government policies oriented to encourage the Business Process Outsourcing industry. 
  • First world telecommunication infrastructure: 99.99% redundancy level, connectivity through 3 submarine cables and two terrestrial cables, installed capacity for STM-6,16 internet providers, 3 telephone service providers, and an increasing demand for mobile lines, a total of 20.7 million of mobile and landlines in 2012, reaching a penetration index of 119.5, according to the Superintendence of Telecommunications.
  • The sector has been able to attract more than US$78.8 million, originating mainly from India, Spain, and the United States according to FDI Market Intelligence. 
  • Income of up to US$194.9 million in 2011 (according to data from National Commission of Call Centers & BPOs).
  • Jointly with the software industry, the BPO sector in Guatemala could achieve exports of US$ 1.3 billion on 2015, experiencing in just 10 years a growth rate of over 500%, and becoming established as one of the main export industries of the country.


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