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Are you interested in improving the management of your SME? Sign up to the programs the IAE Business School offers

Austral University’s Business School, IAE Business School, accompanies the professional development of people and the growth of their businesses, contributing to the constant innovation at the international level. Its mission is to contribute to the development and training of businessmen and women, in their capacity to manage a business and in the expansion of the virtues necessary to run a business.

For this, they offer a variety of programs: 

For SMEs:

  • DPME: The Management of SMEs program is an intense training to strengthen management abilities and capacities. It provides knowledge, and above all impulses a reflection on what should be the rol of the owner, partner or director in an SME. This program is aimed at owners, partners and directors of SMEs that are in a process of professionalization of their management and to those people who are in charge of management decisions in their companies.
  • PDEC: The Management of Construction Enterprises is an intense traning aimed at owners, managers and directors. This program offers the possibility to the strengthen the strategic vision of the entrepreneur in terms of planning, management and direction of their area or company. This program is a joint project from IAE Business School and the Argentine Chamber of Construction that provides knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes for entrepreneurs in the construction industry so tat they can plan and lead their business in the most efficient way.

The specialized programs offer an updated view on the latest tendencies in training executives at a personal or corporate level. IAE Business School aims to accompany the professional development and growth of these companies, contributing to the constant innovation in an excellent environment. These are:

  • Human Behavior
  • Management
  • Finance, Operations and Control
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Young Professionals

Programs in Rosario city:

  • FHG: The Program for the Development of Management Skills of IAE Business School is aimed at managers and executives and those key in the growth and professionalization of their companies. This program is an intense training to strengthen managenet skills and abilities in Rosario. It includes multiple areas of key entrepreneurial topics.
  • PDG: The Program for Business Management is an intense training that offers the possibility to the strengthen strategic vision of entrepreneurs in the planning and management of their company through practical methodologies, real cases and peers’ experience.


Argentina Argentina

More info:

Pilar Campus:

  • Campus: Mariano Acosta s/n y Ruta Nacional 8 (B1629WWA) Pilar.
  • Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • Tel. +54 (230) 448.1000 - Fax +54 (230) 448.1050

Rosario Campus:

  • Campus: Paraguay 1950. 2000
  • Rosario. Argentina.
  • Tel. +54 (341) 522.3000

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