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Why is it essential to have an accountant?

Having a successful company is not only the result of a brilliant idea, but also the responsible stewardship of the accountant or financial manager.

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Having an accountant is one of the fundamental  factors for a company to be successful., Through good accounting, the businees can acurately  measure the results of the business _ and effectiveness the strategies that are being implemented. on the other hand, it enables compliance with all tax regulations that are required of a business.

Accounting provides the necessary information that supports the decision-making process  in a business, with regards to  planning and control. Therefore it is vital to have order and control, together with the services of a professional to organize the financial and business structures, operationally speaking.

An accountant is essential because financial activity suffers innumerable and complex changes which is very important to have the assistance of a person who possesses knowledge of the subject and also is constantly updating it.

The primary responsibilities of accountants in a businesses are to:

  • Develop, analyze and interpret financial statements.
  • Implement the most appropriate accounting system.
  • Check the accuracy of the transactions recorded in books, and checking of  subsidiary records.
  • Verify compliance with tax obligations.
  • Establish the optimal procedure for registration of transactions carried out by the company.
  • Internal auditing to check for leaks which allows the trust within the team to be preserved.

False accounting can bring the company and its legal representative to some serious legal problems. It is is the first step to failure of a business, hence the importance of an accountant to keep everything right and ​​transparent.

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