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The first steps to starting an online business

To leave a strong web presence, business owners should at the very least be able to answer what a the function and importance of a domain is.

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The digital world brought, among other things, new terms, which for many people in Colombia are still somewhat unknown or confusing, while for others they are very familiar because have become a part of daily life. 

"Domain" is one of those words that is often repeated, but not many people really know what it is referring to Simply put, you can define which domains are used to identify the internet addresses of computers connected to the web through a user friendly name. It is the address that web users (the general public) use to access _ our online business or store. It is written between 'www' and extensions such as '.com', '.co', '.net', among others. Colombian sites  has exclusive rights to use the '.co' ending.

Today anyone can obtain a site. Since 2010, the .co ending has been awarded to Co Internet SAS. Having a Colombian domain is a great option for those who want to register their site because companies can have a more defined presence on the web , which opens up the market.

The agency responsible for the management of Internet domain names is ICANN, but each country has control over their domain. However, they must follow the standards of the governing body (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). It is important to note that when you buy a domain name you should confirm that it is not assigned to anyone.

To get a domain for a Colombian site, you should  look for a web domain provider, register, and pay online with a credit card or cash. After registering, one must take note of the code yielded by the payment system site. In a matter of minutes, you will have and internet web address. The price of a '.co' domain. co is about 34,990 pesos. Do not forget services such as e-mail and _ hosting often have additional costs and paperwork.

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