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Finding an efficient balance between online and offline marketing

In today's world, it is essential to combine the principles of conventional marketing with the advantages and opportunities offered by the internet.

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Published by VISA Empresarial

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Currently e-commerce is presented as a way to succeed in the business world. The mutation of sellers and buyers have led to the creation of a new strategic online marketing.

To attract visitors to an online site, companies must integrate efficient mixing of different communication techniques based either on the Internet or through traditional means. The main internet-based communication techniques (online) are: search engines (SEO), Search, display and networking (SEM), social networks (Social ADS and Profile/Fanpages), e-mail partnerships, sponsorship, interactive advertising and digital media.

The main techniques of traditional media (offline) are: mass media (TV, radio), sponsorship, direct mail, merchandising, communication, word of mouth, magazines, events, outdoor advertising, mobile advertising and QR codes.

Different communication techniques offer very diverse opportunities in terms of interactivity with customers and prospects, versus mass individualization of messages versus continuous attraction point / specific campaigns, among others. While there is talk of online techniques, it is important for organizations to integrate and combine traditional and new tools according to the advantages of each, seeking to minimize the cost of customer acquisition.

One of the advantages of marketing on the web is the low cost involved and the limitless possibilities. By creating a good strategy, one can arouse great interest among the public so that the content is discussed widely online and offline, generating greater brand presence. Typically, to succeed in a campaign of this nature, companies must develop some non-conventional communication strategies.

Three strategies are recognized In online marketing:

  • Customer Acquisition: This type of marketing is aimed at attracting visitors to the website or promoting a brand. It is channeled  through search engines or advertising on other sites and even other online tools.
  • Conversion: Consists on achieving the objectives sought to attract visitors including, selling, register of users, requesting a recommendation, sharing the page of the site (social networking), adding to favorites, or adding to wish list.
  • Retention: Aims to promote retention and repeat usage of digital channels and, in the case of transactional sites, repeat sales from advertising efforts to understand patterns derived from user behavior and site metrics.
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