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EVENT held its first Bootcamp

It’s a special training that took place in Outsource2LAC in Guadalajara, Mexico. 29 enterprises participated from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, and became Global Ambassadors of

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For the first time since ConnectAmericas was launched in March 2014, the platform organized a Bootcamp for entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.  It was a special training in areas such as Digital Marketing, Access to Finance, Entrepreneurial management, Innovation, Internationalization and Strategic Planning.

The moderators were Sebastián Spósito, from Google; Vicente Fenoll, from Kubo Financiero; Álvaro Dimitri Limberopulos, from Sumie Ideas; Pablo Larguía, from Red Innova; Dr. Laura Zapata, from EGADE Business School (TEC of Monterrey); Ady Beitler, from; and Esteban Guerrero, from Barbara & Frick.

In total, 29 companies participated: Azuan Technologies (Colombia), Creativa Consultores (El Salvador), Bullseye Soluciones Informáticas (Uruguay), IT Consulting (Chile), COCOMSYS (Nicaragua), EVICERTIA LATAM (Costa Rica), MiWeb (Costa Rica), Tradebook (Brazil), AnaliTIC (Chile), NAVITA Connect (Brazil), Harriague y Asociados/ IncluIT (Argentina), Saint Panamá (Panama), Influencia Digital (El Salvador), A1 Solutions (Jamaica) y Teleois Systems Limited (Trinidad & Tobago).

The following mexican enterprises also participated: PREPER DIGITAL SAPI DE CV., Cataranita, Aseo Xpress, Epic Queen, Tumbiko Joyeria Artesanal Mexicana, Tridi, Experiencia en Impresión 3D, Jenmi - Varowallet Zmart, Biopoop, Clouddemy, Vive Cafeto, Groomich, Lo Mero Nuestro, Ranktab and Lluvia Sólida. 

  • What benefits did companies gain from the Bootcamp? They received financial assistance to cover travel costs (airfare and hotel) to participate in the Bootcamp and Outsource2LAC. They also participated in one to one business rounds with global services investors, buyers and vendors during the conference.  They also became ConnectAmericas Global Ambassadors for 2016.
  • What were the benefits for the ConnectAmericas Global Ambassadors? The ConnectAmericas Global Ambassadors (CGA) obtained the following benefits: financing to cover travel costs (airfare and hotel) in one of the annual events organized by ConnectAmericas –LACFLavors, Asia-LAC Business Summit, Outsource2LAC- during 2016, recognition on the ConnectAmericas website through a placement in the home page and mentions in the “company of the month” campaign.  In return, CGAs are expected to participate actively in ConnectAmericas through its communities and blog, and promote ConnectAmericas though its communication platforms.
  • How were the companies chosen to participate in the Bootcamp and the 2016 CGAs? Participants were chosen by ConnectAmericas according to the following criteria: feasibility and potential of their international expansion strategy, innovative ability, and their contribution to regional integration in the global services sector.
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