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Choosing hosting services and servers by type of company

An e-commerce entrepreneur should choose the appropriate hosting services and server type for nature and structure of their business. Visa helps business owners identify their server and hosting needs in order to successfully enter the e-marketplace.

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Published by VISA Empresarial

There are three types of servers: Dedicated, high performance dedicated, and cloud computing. The first is recommended for SMEs, for its affordable price and transactional level. The second is designed for medium enterprises and features enhanced transactional and medium traffic support. Cloud Computing is recommended for micro, small, medium and large firms with high traffic and highly transactional businesses.

An e-commerce entrepreneur must choose the appropriate server type considering, among others, availability or "uptime", transfer of information / data, level of storage, security and media type.

  • Depending on the size of the company, business owners should consider the operating system and hosting environment used by the hosting provider. It is also important to choose a type of hosting that offers 99.99% availability or "uptime".
  • For micro and/or small businesses, it is advisable to opt for dedicated servers or cloud computing solutions. On the other hand, for medium and large companies, it is preferable to obtain high performance dedicated servers and/or cloud solutions. As for the volume of data transfer/data quantity increase, as in the first case, specialists suggest acquiring levels of 1000 to 2000 gigabytes of capacity per month. For medium and large enterprises, the transfer capacity should range from 500 gigabytes per month to unlimited depending on the nature of the business.
  • Micro and small enterprises should consider 50-gigabyte hard drive storage up to 250 GB, while medium and large businesses should have a capacity of 500 gigabytes to an unlimited storage. For safety, always taking into account the transactionality, the first should consider a hosting and SSL certificate that holds data backup. The latter should opt for services with daily scanning, high-security firewalls, SSL certificate and data backup services.
  • The product support, independent of the business model, should be seven days a week - 24 hoursa day, with the goal of delivering swift response to emergencies or needs  the company may have at any time.
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