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Best practices that strengthen SMEs in complex times
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Published by Reactive Consultores

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We are in a time of uncertainty, due to the events that have taken place in the world. According to ECLAC data, "the pandemic had a negative impact on the employment and working conditions of women in Latin America and the Caribbean, causing a setback of more than a decade in the progress achieved in terms of labor participation".

This represents a great challenge for Latin American SMEs, since they must generate new leadership strategies that allow workers to perform their work effectively and efficiently, which goes hand in hand with the overall well-being of the entire work team. In this article we want to offer you, 10 recommendations to empower your company and lead successfully in these times:

1. Build a horizontal leadership.

This is a way of organizing the teamwork in which all its components form a network of people, it is typical of this type of structure that employees are trained to take charge, take part in decision making and feel responsible for the success of the company.

2. Participation

Following on from the previous point, it is important that employees feel part of the decision-making process within the company. The elements of trust and dialogue are extremely valuable for the creation of a good relationship between peers and bosses.

3. Work-life balance 

Establishing work-life balance measures, such as flexible schedules, granting leave to attend personal or family needs and, above all, taking into account the socio-family situation of each employee, is fundamental to improve employee satisfaction and job performance.

4. Encourage the sense of work

It is enriching for a company when employees feel that their work and effort contribute to generate value in the company. This purpose can be achieved through:

Having a solid structure of values, which are communicated and put into practice within the company.

Focusing the company's efforts on working for customers and employees.

5. Promoting the importance of adequate rest

Although not all people need the same amount of sleep to perform well, experts have concluded that the ideal daily rest is between 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Rest is essential for good work performance and for maintaining the long-term health of all people.  Rest is associated with increased concentration, effectiveness and good mood. 

6. Diversity

Diverse talent promotes innovation in organizations, but it also allows for better products and services tailored to diverse customer segments, promotes resilience and creative problem solving. Having teams of diverse backgrounds, careers, ages, experiences, genders and abilities brings many benefits to companies and staff!

7.  Parental co-responsibility

Today we know that in order to achieve labor equality between men and women, it is necessary to talk about parental co-responsibility. The fact that domestic tasks are mostly carried out by women impedes them from dedicating as much time and energy to the advancement of their careers. Men and companies can contribute to gender equity. Some new laws have granted and guaranteed conditions that allow men to assume responsibility for household and third-party care work. Also, some companies, on their own initiative, recognize the importance of more flexible hours, the possibility of teleworking, and equal time off for men and women caregivers.  

8. Welfare policies

Many companies offer benefits beyond the work environment to promote well-being in the personal life of each person. Some examples are sports centers, courses for personal or spiritual development, psychological counseling or even recreational activities such as Christmas or New Year's Eve parties to enjoy with the family. We celebrate those organizations that recognize their employees as multidimensional beings who deserve emotional salary and well-being, as well as fair remuneration.  

9. Transparency within the company

It is necessary to have a constructive dialogue within companies, based on real and effective premises. To this end, it is recommended that employers be confident to make company data transparent and hold meetings with the purpose of explaining the current reality of the company and all the challenges that are present, including the strategic objectives.

10. Pay a fair and equitable salary.

To create a system of retribution and remunerations complementary to the base salaries, the creation of a plan of work projection in the short or medium term, with the goals that can be reached by fulfilling the objectives is fundamental to promote an environment of transparency and a healthy competitiveness.

What can my SME obtain with all this?

Happier workers are also more productive, therefore the company obtains an increase in team motivation, improves the organizational climate and talent retention, with healthier, more productive and focused personnel. There are good practices that SMEs can implement without investing a lot of resources, creating inclusive, equitable and diverse work environments from the birth of the company, will help you attract the best talent!

We invite you to tell us which are the positive practices that are carried out in your company and how they are related to work motivation.

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