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The benefits of e-commerce

The Internet is an effective sales channel that enables businesses to easily increase their sales volumes.

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Published by VISA Empresarial

Its recommended that all SMEs develop and strengthen the usage of  e-commerce tools. This means that every entrepreneur should see the internet as a source of growth for business. Venturing into e-commerce is an excellent way for firms to increase their sales volumes.

There are several benefits that the internet provides for SMEs, among them:

Globalization: Electronic commerce allows us to offer products and services to people anywhere in the world. 

Coverage: Millions of users daily seeking information on the Web and a large percentage of them and buy online, users have access to any information about products, features, availability and price. 

Accessibility: In the online world, the consumer has access to credits and purchasing a product at all times.

Reduced costs: Having an e-commerce business saves on personnel, physical space and supplies. For example, paper is saved. While one had to print before most advertisements for publicity campaigns, today one can achieve a powerful Online Presence.

Communication: The Internet gives business owners the opportunity to receive comments, requests, complaints or praise from customers. This is a contribution because it helps one understand the tastes and trends of the market, which is constantly changing. Through analyzing buyers’ online behavior, the company can grasp a better understanding of the public’s interest and their buying habits. For example, business owners can tell at what times and from what locations they are buying the most from.

Undoubtedly, e-commerce provides a great opportunity for SMEs. It is a way for them to strengthen their offering, reach a wider public, and provides valuable analytics on customers. 

The task of every company that wants to sell online is to invest in solid online infrastructure meeting  quality requirements, such as site design, payment methods, product availability, security, ease of purchase, delivery options, warranty and service aftermarket.

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