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Architectural services offshoring

This is an area that has grown enormously in the outsourcing services industry. Given its skilled work force, competitive costs and solid infrastructure, Latin America and the Caribbean presents itself as the ideal region for providing these offshore process solutions. 

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  • The processes that have the most demand in this sector include design, building information modeling, documentation, calculus, rendering and CAD programming

Architectural Services Outsourcing (ASO) is a model that is relatively new in the industry and is based on remote collaboration between teams working together to develop projects as efficiently as possible. According to Uruguay XXI, the solutions demanded most in this sector include design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), documentation, calculus, architectural rendering and CAD programming.

A publication from the Harvard School of Design reports that this practice will continue to grow as long as information and communication technologies continue to develop. Outsourcing CAD design and blueprint drawing processes, for example, allow architectural firms to focus on the strategic areas of the business, among others, marketing and commercializing projects, creating innovative designs and adapting new construction technologies.

The new era of Architecture

Architectural Services Outsourcing can range from receiving sketches from clients in remote areas for completing the details, to the integral design of a building to be built thousands of miles away with the help of satellite images.   

According to a research conducted by Duke University, in the past it was difficult or highly unlikely for architectural firms to outsource processes to other geographical areas. Blueprints were drawn by hand and on paper but today projects are almost entirely  created through IT tools.

The possibility of having interdependent processes and architects in constant communication regarding required changes enables carrying out architectural project solutions from entirely different geographical areas.   

According to Uruguay XXI, Latin American and Caribbean countries offer several advantages in providing these services. They have good vocational training in the industry, a strong technology infrastructure and young and skilled workers. Other key factors rendering this region attractive are the social and cultural similarities, its geographical proximity, and professionals trained in the languages of the markets that most demand these services, namely the United States, Europe and Brazil.

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