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4 food companies that inspire us interviewed several producers of food products that stand out for their certified quality, natural origin and the dynamism they generate in their regions.

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From Cuzco to the world, this company produces a line of organic infusions, native herbs and high altitude Andean grains. The work plan offers technical advice to Peruvian agricultural producers for achieving the best value-added crops. Rachelle Olortegui, its representative, points out the importance of obtaining adequate certification and knowing the rules of each market before exporting. “Persevere, don’t stop and keep going because there will always be hurdles along the way. Fight until objectives are met and prepare to export”, she indicates.

El Chile Dip

Paul Brunet Torres, its Commercial Director, points out that innovation is not only in the product but also in the package. His intention was to create a Habanero chili pepper-based sauce that would break away from all that is traditional. The use of natural ingredients was a major differential. The company mainly focuses on marketing the sauce and owns the formula and part of the equipment. Harvest and production are outsourced.

La casa de Lipe

Mexican coffee that made its way to New York, organic ginger, and mango, pineapple and banana also coming soon in this line. Ismael Ramírez, General Manager, highlights the quality of the products. “I have a degree in foreign trade and my family is in the customs business, I have been devoted to this all my life. The opportunities for Mexican farm products are amazing, he states.


With over 1,100 hectares of cultivated land and more than 250,000 olive trees, it employs 450 individuals with a production capacity of 15 million olives a year. OlivoMx produces three labels in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas that is the only region in Mexico that produces and exports olive oil, with international credentials that equal the oils from Spain and Italy. Francisco Ortega, General Director of OlivoMx, indicates that quality certifications are an important factor of differentiation for the company.

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