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Interact with users with similar interests or in sectors and industries related to your company. Join them to share information about business opportunities and introduce yourself to potential partners, clients, investors, and experts!


.US-LAC Business Community

581 members

Esta comunidad está dedicada a potenciar la colaboración y las oportunidades comerciales y de inversión entre empresas de Estados Unidos y América Latina y el Caribe.

Closed Community
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Negocios e Inversiones Brasil - Paraguay / Negócios e Investimentos Brasil – Paraguai

202 members

Esta comunidad es especialmente diseñada para captar el interés de empresas brasileñas interesadas en explorar oportunidades de negocios, inversión y asocio con empres

Closed Community
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245 members

Es uno de los encuentros "techies" más importantes de América Latina, que reune anualmente líderes tecnológicos de la región y del mundo.

Closed Community
59 sell offers2 buy offers

Israel - LAC Business Community

91 members

This community aims to explore and promote business opportunities between Israeli and Latin America and the Caribbean markets, by connecting users and companies of both regions through a digital s

Closed Community
62 sell offers1 buy offers

Brasil: 1ª Ação de Exportação - Paraná

194 members

Brasil: 1ª Ação de Exportação - Paraná

Open Community
58 sell offers8 buy offers

Caribbean Technology Extension Service Community

167 members

This community was designed to help connect Caribbean-based Technology Service Providers with clients and partners from all over the world, and spread relevant information about the industry

Closed Community
41 sell offers1 buy offers

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