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Vip Salud seeks suppliers of medicine from Brazil

Start date

Friday, May 19, 2023

Closing date

Saturday, August 19, 2023




Health & Beauty


Vip Salud seeks suppliers of medicine from Brazil for the Venezuelan market. A wide variety is requested, from analgesics to highly specialized medication.

Suppliers that comply with international quality standards, with experience in the market and with constant supply capacity will be given priority.

Is your company able to provide this product? Apply to begin contact with this client. 

The client will evaluate the application and will contact you to finalize details in terms of quantities, prices and payment methods.

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Some tips for your application:

Make sure your company has a profile on ConnectAmericas. Preference will be given to verified profiles. To learn how to verify your company and write an attractive profile in ConnectAmericas, click here.

Be sure to fill out the form in the recommended language

Only insert products that meet the needs expressed in the ad

Provide an attractive description of your product, highlighting its qualities, production techniques, differentiators and technical specifications. It also tells the story behind this product and its brand

Include certifications of your product (sanitary, quality, sustainable supply, Fair Trade certifications...) if you have them. Make sure your product meets the standards necessary to trade in the buyer's country and attach evidence.

Be very specific about the packaging and packaging details of the product

When you embed photos and brochures, make sure to use good quality, original photos (not Google photos, show your real products!). This is very important to the buyer.

When possible, include your prices and delivery times.

Include your production capacities (Ex: 1 ton per month), so the buyer can get an idea of how much you can provide.

If you feel your company is not yet ready to apply for this ad, please consider our other services to help you grow your business. Visit our ConnectAmericas Academy learning section to learn about markets, certifications, packaging and other useful tools. Also visit our section on partners to strengthen business, where you will find support organizations in your country.


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