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The Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce is looking for copper tubes pre-insulated with PVC for gas distribution

Start date

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Closing date

Tuesday, February 16, 2021




Home Supplies, Garden & Construction Materials


Israel leading importer which represents manufacturing companies from all over the world that manufacture accessories for the gas field (faucets, pipes, nipples, nuts, etc.) and gas consumption appliances (tumble dryers, water heaters, industrial burners, industrial kitchen equipment, etc.)


The company is looking for manufacturers of copper tubes pre-insulated with PVC for gas distribution: 




•  "3/8

•  "1/2

• "5/8





 2, 40 fit, containers a month


Please see enclosed our demand  for the pipes 


 Piping Specification:

 According to Standard 158 Part 2 -

 Copper pipe corresponding to grade K or grade L according to the document of the American Testing and Materials Association ASTM - B88-1996 (TYPE ‘L’ / TYPE ‘K’),

 Or copper pipe corresponding to ASTM document - B280-1995.


 According to the Israel market demand  -

 The pipes must come In rolls according to the ASTM standard - B280

 In rods according to the ASTM standard - B88 (TYPE ‘K’ or TYPE ‘L’).


 Coating / covering Specification:

 According to Standard 158 Part 2 - Section 5.5 - Yellow plastic coating.

 (Usually PVC)


 Israel market demand  for the coating Specification:

 The tube is coated with smooth yellow polyvinyl chloride

 (PVC) Perfectly attached to the outer surface,

 Odorless and free of any carbon dioxide (CFC) emissions.

 Resistant to solar radiation - UV resistant


 Relevant  technical details:

 Density: 1.7 Kg./dm3

 • Self-extinguishing: Complies with DIN 4102-B2


Coating Characteristics

The tube is coated with a smooth yellow polyvinylchloride

(PVC) sheath perfectly adherent to the external surface,

Odorless and free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

UV resistant

Technical relevant details:

•      Density: 1,7 Kg./dm3

•      Self-extinguishing: complies to DIN 4102-B2


 If the piping is under the floor, the thickness of the coating can be reduced to 0.9 Kg./dm3.

 In addition, it is required to mark on the coating the required information as currently marked.


Eligible countries

This business opportunity is no longer accessible. Its deadline has passed.

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